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By Film Threat Staff | April 21, 2004

Los Angeles-based Anxiety Films is at it again, scheduling their fourth in the series of Mini-Shock short film festivals, Mini-Shock 4: Revenge of the Panty-Sniffing, Alien-Contacting Vampires. The festival will take place at the California Institute of Abnormal Arts (C.I.A.) 11334 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood (818-506-6353) on May 1, 2004. Doors will open at 7:00 P.M. on Saturday and won’t close until 2 A.M. Sunday morning early.
Bursting at the seams with random celebrities, artwork specially made for the occasion, performance, bands, merchandise, DJs, and, of course, the most absolutely provocative underground films, Mini-Shock 4: Revenge of the Panty-Sniffing, Alien-Contacting Vampires plans to out-do all the wannabe underground film festivals this year. Those who survive the weekend will only know for sure.
More than tweny-five films will be presented, including, but not limited to:
Todd Rohal’s “Knuckleface Jones,” being the tale of an estranged man (who cannot escape his girlfriend’s tyranny) on a quest for self-realization ^ Doug Lussenhop’s “Printer Jam,” tells the story of what happens when two neat looking office employees are secretly meth-addict hip-hoppers ^ Ryan Ridley & Danny Jelinek’s “ Vive” answers the popular question: What is the new up and coming milk crate craze? ^ Dale Chapman’s “Scared straight” gives you the how-to guide for married life ^ Lee Dimabre’s “Harry Knuckles” contains so much kung fu action “your Mom might have to bring you” ^ Eric Fensler’s “Company Image Seminar” where you are IN the seminar ^ “11 G.I. Joe P.S.A.’s” where G.I. Joe gets a little G.I. Gross ^ Jason Woliner and James Dean Conklin’s “Monkey Walken: An Intimate Portrait,” where the monkey version of Christopher Walken loses all the good roles ^ Nathan Pommer’s “P13,” the story of one intergalactic young man’s obsession with oatmeal and young girls ^ Usama Alshaibi’s “Dogirl,” a black and white dream sequence involving Cousin It and cave exploration ^ Dan Dinello’s “Shock Asylum,” a Hitchock-esque homage to 1950’s Film Noir thrillers ^ Katherine Chronis’ “Get Naked,” shows you how easy it is to get arrested ^ Michael Lucid’s “Pretty Things,” a gender-bending sketch comedy show ^ “Lady of the Lake,” an animated VD love story ^ Ricky Cozzolino’s “Locust,” starring the band THE LOCUST ^ Jonathan Buchanan’s “U Got What I Need,” starring the band EX-MODELS ^ Ramzi Abed’s “The Interview,” and “The Tunnel,” featuring Mark Borschardt of “American Movie” fame and legendary Lloyd Kaufman, president of TROMA entertainment ^ Joshua Granell’s “Grindhuose,” where a failing art theatre becomes the ultimate reality ^ Steve Hall and Cathee Wilkins’ “Deep Africa,” where two young girls get more than they bargained for when they order an Alien from a magazine ad ^ “Tonight’s the Night,” a blow-up doll homage to Rosemary’s Baby ^ Eric S. Eichelberger and Sham Ibrahim’s “Alien Contact” where Billboard star Angelyne (in her longest running featured film role) contacts aliens from her Malibu Mansion, and Eric S. Eichelberger’s “Fear of a Limp Planet” AKA “The Further Misadventures of Billy the Vampire and the Case of the Dirty Panty Sniffers,” where Billy the Vampire and his gang of Porno entrepreneurs have a battle of wits against Monika A. Sexual and her anti-porn campaign on the town of Planktonville.
For omre info, visit the Anxiety Films website.

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