By admin | February 21, 2000

Like this film’s director O. Perez, I too thought the Penthouse Forum letters were real, right along with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. As I moved into adolescence, I eagerly anticipated the hordes of h***y, scantily-clad neighbor women who would soon be dropping by for a friendly visit as they always seemed to do in “Forum.” It’s when I took a good look at our septagenarian neighbor ladies that the first glimmers of doubt began to appear. Once Perez realized the truth, however, he took a more pro-active approach, going so far as to write a couple of fictional Forum letters of his own… but promptly forgot about them when he couldn’t figure out where to send them. Thirteen years later, he found those letters and turned the first one into “Pacifier.” While the narration is supposedly taken verbatim from the letter, the on-screen interpretations of the described actions are played strictly for laughs. The actors wear the kinds of outrageous costumes you might find in a Vegas show while the ridiculously exaggerated sex is completely and obviously fake; a silly and totally un-erotic choreography closer in feel to an Off-Off-Broadway musical than an adult film. While this may disappoint all you porn-hounds out there, the rest of you should get a kick out of this amusing film. Just don’t expect Penthouse Home Video to be calling any time soon.

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