The Pacific Palisades Film Festival kicks off this Sunday, July 27, 2003 at 6:30PM at the Theatre Palisades, 941 Temescal Canyon Road, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272. The festival is sponsored by Friends Of Film.

The following short films begin at 6:30PM:
BACKSTAGE WITH LITTLE LORENZO – Directed by Chris Bradley – (3 min) How do we choose our words when describing a friend’s theatrical performance? Bradley takes a look at this quandary in this animated piece.

THE REMEMBERING MOVIES – Directed by Chris Rowley – (23 min) A grandson creates movies to recreate his grandmother’s memory in an effort to cure her Alzheimer’s Disease. His determination reveals an unexpected outcome with lasting benefits never to be forgotten.

MOVING OUT – Directed by Sam Sorbo – (25 min) The doctor tells Sherry it is time for Colin, her head-injured brother, to make the final step in his challenging recovery: to live independently. But just the idea of moving out sends Colin into a bewildered rage. The impending change forces both Colin and Sherry to confront deep-seated feelings of fear, guilt, frustration and grief. Their co-dependent relationship definitely won’t survive the move, but will Colin?

THE LEGEND OF RAZORBACK – Directed by Mike Greenspan – (25 min) American Film Institute (AFI) A young boy goes to great lengths to acquire an old bike.

The following late night edgier shows begin at 8:20PM:
WHERE’S ANGELO? – Directed by Harris Goldberg – (20 min) Two hit men screw up a job and are forced to do another to redeem themselves. With two strikes against them, their boss sends his nephew out to Hollywood to make sure they don’t strike out. What should be a routine hit, turns out to be a comedy of errors.

THE BEAT – Directed by Brandon Sonnier – (85 min) Heartbeat. Beat the rap. Walk the beat. Beat up. I’m beat. Beat the odds. Sonnier explores the term from every angle in the intelligent, all the way live, and super fresh film. After his brother is brutally stabbed in an alleyway in South Central Los Angeles, Flip is dealt an ultimatum by his father: Get a job that brings in a steady paycheck or pursue his passion to become a rapper and live on the street. Overwhelmed by the choice, Flip is thrust into a surreal, bifurcated fantasy world where he lives out both destinies at the same time, haunted by the tragic circumstances of his brother’s death. As his two lifelines unreel, Flip must ultimately confront what gives pulse and meaning to his life.
All filmmakers are invited for post screening Q+A sessions.

For more information, check out Palisades Film Fest website.

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