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By Eric Campos | March 5, 2002

Within “Our Hero” is another sad case of a short film’s main joke not being as funny as they wind up.
With his answering machine overflowing with calls from people who want their damn money, John scurries out the door with the latest version of his new manuscript clutched to his chest. After an interesting cab ride, John arrives at a restaurant to find his publisher waiting for him. He berates John about not living up to his last best selling novel. He doesn’t want this sensitive crap John is trying to push on him. He wants more action and he wants it now. So on the fly, John begins describing a scene from a book that he has yet to write. We then get sucked into this story world of spies and heroin dealers. The scene is short and sweet and the publisher loves it, but John is on a roll and he furiously describes two more scenes – both of which we are also pulled into.
I had a better time getting to know John on his uncomfortable cab ride as well as in his meeting with his gruff publisher. The story pieces we get pulled into just aren’t entertaining at all. In fact, they’re lame. And what’s worse, they all lead up to a punch line that’s equally unfunny. In that sense, this film fails.

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