By Zack Haddad | January 26, 2008

When I found out about this movie I was excited. I love zombie movies, yet even more it was interesting to hear that this was a homosexual zombie movie and could possibly be a new take on the genre. So after seeing it I can say, yes, these are gay zombies. Yet instead of it being a true to life zombie-type film we get a gay soft-core porn movie with political undertones that, oddly enough, isn’t that good.

Otto (Jey Crisfar) looks and smells like a zombie, but is he really one? When walking through town, some young bullies try to beat him up and, after narrowly escaping them, he finds a poster for a new gay porn zombie movie. He then meets Medea (Katharina Klewinghaus) the woman making the film and Otto is thrust in a new exciting world where he discovers his true identity.

Although it does try really hard to be funny, it’s not a comedy. And, at 95 minutes, the film feels much longer than it really is (which is NEVER a good thing). Plus, there is a ton of graphic gay zombie sex which, if it’s your bag, ain’t that bad. If not, however, this is your heads-up (that said, the gay zombie orgy at the end was ridiculous, in a good way).

This is definitely a gay zombie flick, unlike any I have ever seen before, and it will have some legs when it comes to the cult or underground cinema scene. The graphic sexual nature and the political undertones may make it hard for a larger audience to grasp. Still, if the film finds a receptive audience, does it really matter?

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