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License & Registration

By Alan Ng | September 17, 2021

Living under the shadow of your father can be difficult at best in Jackson Ezinga’s short film, License & Registration. After a shouting match with his significant other, the newly emasculated Elliot Nelson (Jackson Ezinga) dons a police uniform, grabs a badge toy and gun, and promptly hits the streets, just like his father did growing up.

“…dons a police uniform, grabs a badge and toy gun, and promptly hits the streets…”

As Elliott is about to pull out of his driveway, a car careens around the corner and smashes into his trash can. In hot pursuit, Elliott pulls over the vehicle only to discover two young boys are driving it. These boys immediately realize Elliott is not a real cop and grabs their cellphone to blackmail Elliott for impersonating a police officer. Not willing to lose to a pair of kids, Elliott takes drastic action.

License & Registration is a dark story that proves life is comedy. The film is dark because blood is spilled in a semi-gruesome manner, and children are in comic danger (ugh, I could see this happening with my kid). It’s hard not to sympathize with poor Elliott. He deserves better, but life refuses to cut him a break. Ezinga’s story adeptly escalates Elliott’s misfortune (at his own hands), only to make us feel sorry for the trouble he gets himself in. Cringe comedy at its best.

License & Registration (2021)

Directed and Written: Jackson Ezinga

Starring: Jackson Ezinga, Aidan Callahan, Cameron Judd, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

License & Registration Image

"…a dark story that proves life is comedy."

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