By Don R. Lewis | January 18, 2004

That’s just plain mean. Yet even though I knew all along this movie was totally manipulating me, I followed along on the terrifying ride. I feel so dirty and used. For that, Kentis and his great cast deserve big props.

“Open Water” taps into everyone’s fear of being lost. Everyone knows how that feels and that fear is what made “The Blair Witch Project” so stomach churning. It’s also what makes this film so gut wrenching. Well, that and a whole bunch of huge sharks.

Kentis and his cast also deserve huge kudos for the fact that there are no computer effects in this low budget movie. When a shark swims by the lost couple, it’s a real shark. The only tiny issue with “Open Water” is it’s shot on a really low quality DV. I’m not anti-DV by any means but the continuity suffers big time here. That’s a minor quibble though as this film is downright freaky. Every hour that ticks by your stomach drops a little more as the outlook becomes more bleak.

Another interesting aspect of this movie is the script. We literally see these people lose their minds as they drift and drift…and drift in the endless sea. I do feel bad for the dive industry as anyone who sees “Open Water” will likely never set foot on a dive boat again. It is based on a true story. But the thrill of this movie probably makes up for that.

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