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By Jim Agnew | June 6, 2004

Singing, dancing and real estate? That’s what you get in “Open House,” the first ever “Fantabulous” real estate musical comedy.

But what the hell is a real estate musical comedy? It’s an over the top song-fest featuring Anthony Rapp, James Duval, Sally Kellerman and Jerry Doyle. “Open House” opens with, you guessed it, an open house. This isn’t any ordinary open house, this is one hosted by an energetic and off kilter real estate agent named Barry Farnsworth. Barry sings and dances while extolling the virtues of the home he’s attempting to sell.

When a young couple calling themselves “sexy swipers” stop by to check the place out (and steal a few items as well) they too get in on the action as they break into song and dance. Throw in a singing jewel thief, another real estate agent with a penchant for tequila, a few not so wise cops and a few more dance numbers and that about sums up “Open House.”

Songs like “Sellin’ A Dream” and “Safe House Of Love” are performed with such sincerity that you’ll never look at escrow the same way again.

Directed by Dan Mirvish, “Open House” is a funny, fast paced and above all very unique film. A film filled with interesting and hilarious songs about real estate that you won’t be able to get out of your head. Who would have guessed real estate could actually be fun for someone other than a real estate agent in one of those ugly golden jackets?

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