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By Chris Gore | January 17, 2002

One doesn’t talk, the other talks entirely too much. I’m not talking about Jay and Silent Bob, this is “Mute & Motormouth” an animated short from filmmaker Jeff Perlmutter. The two, um, people, animals, things, I can’t quite tell exactly what “Mute & Motormouth” are, but these buddies cruise the ghetto hungry for pizza when they a approached by a Black prostitute. In the middle of some business, the hooker actually gives birth — in explicit detail. It’s perhaps the most disgusting image ever rendered in cartoon form, especially because the illustration style is much like that seen by millions of kids today. Imagine a “Rugrats” cartoon with nudity and premature births and you can picture what I mean. Or maybe you don’t want to.
Perlmutter, a Klasky-Csupo employee, spends his day toiling on cute stuff for Nickelodeon, but “M&M” is his own very personal work and — WOW! — this is as dark as animated comedy gets. I wonder if his co-workers know about Jeff’s dark side? Anyone who discovers this animated short may find themselves laughing and puking all at once. Really fun and really gross. You have been warned.

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  1. Lucas says:

    Eight years after seeing this masterwork of macabre humor, its imagery still haunts my soul. Is that a good thing? I think I’d have to watch it again to be sure, though I can’t find it anywhere. That’s a bad thing. A very bad thing.

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