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By Film Threat Staff | June 17, 2002

The following is an official release from Pendragon Pictures concerning the “War of the Worlds” remake:
In response to overwhelming requests for comment about director Timothy Hines’ possible involvement in the planned Tom Cruise version of “War of the Worlds,” Hines took time away from the set of his new science fiction fantasy movie “Chrome” to comment.
“We approached Paramount with a version of “War of the Worlds” nearly a year before September 11th. At that time, we learned that Tom Cruise was interested in becoming involved in a “War of the Worlds” project. Nothing came of it then as we were mostly focused on copyright issues with Paramount,” stated Hines.
The principals of Pendragon Pictures are not allowed to comment on the complicated copyright issues of the “War of the Worlds” property, but “Chrome” producer Susan Goforth confirmed, “Paramount has acknowledged in writing that Pendragon Pictures has certain rights to produce a version of “War of the Worlds.” They certainly know everything about our “War of the Worlds” project and how we were forced to push the project back due to the World Trade Center attack. News of our project has been published all over the world and in virtually every language.”
Timothy Hines adds, “Tom Cruise has not approached me or my company concerning a version of “War of the Worlds,” but I’m open to talking with him,” stated Hines between takes of an action scene on an elaborate floating transport set at Pendragon Pictures studio in the Seattle area.
Hines went on to say, “I am now convinced that the only way to make “War of the Worlds” is to be one hundred percent true to the book. In the light of current world events, Wells’ vision is more timely than ever and it needs to be translated to the big screen intact. If that’s the kind of production Tom Cruise is interested in doing, then we may have common ground to talk.”
For more information on “Chrome” and “War of the Worlds,” go to Pendragon Pictures.

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