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By Eric Campos | February 11, 2002

It’s a sensory depravation pervert’s wet dream come true. Here’s a film where a bondage pervert/killer goes up against a pretty tough deaf girl.
We open on our killer testing a new mask that, when placed upon his victims, will allow him to control the air allowed that unlucky person. We then switch over to a bait shop where a deaf girl helps run the establishment with her parents. Adept at reading lips and just about to turn eighteen years of age, the girl begs her folks to let her have a day alone at the shop where she is fully under control. Little does she know that the mask pervert plans on making a special visit to the shop that very evening.
Well shot in glorious black and white, kinky bastards worldwide may find this to be their “Lawrence of Arabia.” It’s the battle of the century for those that prefer blow up plastic sheep and vibrating anal stimulators as ideal lovers. Not that I’ve ever tried any of this stuff. I’m just a weak little boy.

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