The 2004 Florida Film Festival will open Friday, March 5 at
7:00 pm with Campbell Scott‘s “Off the Map” at Enzian Theater.
In Off the Map, eleven-year-old Bo Gibson lives in rural New Mexico with her eccentric, gardening-in-the-nude mother (three-time Oscar Nominee Joan Allen) and chronically depressed father (Sam Elliot, The Contender), who can’t seem to stop crying. There is no electricity and no TV. But imaginative, home-schooled Bo whiles away the hours using her sharpshooting skills to feed her family with local game or presiding as master of ceremonies for her own moonlit three-ring circus. When IRS agent William Gibbs (Steppenwolf Theatre actor Jim True-Frost) descends on the Gibson homestead in order to investigate why they haven’t paid their taxes in seven years, he finds himself wrapped up in a landscape and family which are beyond convention, beyond landmarks, and truly mythical. Eliciting flawless, heartrending performances from his cast (particularly from newcomer Valentina de Angelis as Bo), director Campbell Scott’s fourth feature transforms the hauntingly sincere play by Joan Ackerman into a lyrical emotional dreamscape.
For more info, visit the Florida Film Festival website.

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