Eddie Murphy’s first Nutty Professor movie featured an amazing dinner scene in which every member of the Klump clan is played by Murphy. Eddie played the lovable Sherman Klump, his Mama, Papa, Granny and his bully brother Ernie Klump. This hilarious scene was mainly improvised and contained some of the best fart jokes in movie history. “Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps” is essentially a sequel to that dinner scene.
Sherman Klump is in love with a colleague played by Janet Jackson, but he just does not have the nerve to ask her to marry him. (QUICK ASIDE: Janet Jackson is incredibly sexy. It’s a fact. Jackson has classic curves and a smile that could make any man stand at attention. I don’t care what anyone says, she is what I call “Hot to the NTH!” which stands for “Non-Traditional Hot.” She’s not a Barbie doll and her unique beauty is her greatest asset. Um, anyways…)
Sherman still has a little of the obnoxious Buddy Love (played by Eddie Murphy outside of a fat suit) in his system. Buddy comes out in rude comments that Sherman accidentally makes. When he attempts a romantic proposal to Jackson, rather than ask for her hand in marriage, Sherman blurts out some remark about adding “beef into a taco.” Of course, she storms off. Sherman extracts the Buddy Love DNA from his blood stream which turns into some jello-like goop that forms into a fully adult Buddy after mixing with some dog DNA. Yeah, right.
The timing for Buddy’s reappearance is awuful as Sherman has developed a “fountain of youth” formula that will bring the university $150 million dollars. The formula falls into the wrong hands, namely the Klump family and hilarity ensues with jokes mainly having to do with getting laid. Granny Klumps’ boobs seem to be characters all their own as they nearly take an eye out. Buddy is now in a race to get the formula from Sherman and sell it before he does. The humor here, unlike Granny’s boobs, is just plain flat.
SPOILER, BUT IF YOU DON’T PLAN TO SEE THIS, READ THE FOLLOWING: As a result of Sherman having extracted the Buddy DNA, he is becoming increasingly less intelligent. He has to break Buddy back down into the jello-like goop and eat him or he’ll turn into a Forrest Gump-sized moron. It’s strange that this is the second film this summer that contains a scene in which a human turns into transparent goop, the other Senator Kelly’s character in “X Men”. Here, the scene is ridiculous and unfunny with Sherman chasing a talking glob of clear jelly across the city. It’s pathetic, as is much of the film, and a missed oppportunity. In fact, the biggest laughs in the whole film take place over the end credits which feature plenty of bloopers. Murphy sure seemed to have a lot of fun with Granny Klump’s boobs both on and off the screen. A great movie to see on video with your hand on the fast forward button.

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