By Felix Vasquez Jr. | February 4, 2006

Anahid is a traveler of city subways who makes it her mission in life to seek out the miserable and solve their problems whether they know it or not. On subways she can feel the pain and insecurities of random strangers, but seeks only to help those selling items. Particularly cars. She goes from home to home pretending to buy a car but sees the personal misery of these sellers. “Not for Sale” is a sweet and sad tale about a woman with no visible home or family who seeks to help others whom are in desperate need of something in their life. Keshavarz’ story is sad with a tragic character whose whole life is devoted to helping these lost souls. The climax really works as we get to see Anahid’s real power which may or may not be based on her power, but more on her powers connected to altering fate by her mere presence.

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