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By Rick Kisonak | January 21, 2002

I could have sworn the past half decade had been a middling one for movies overall but evidently I was mistaken. Apparently Hollywood has been producing so many motion pictures of staggering quality there haven’t been enough award ceremonies to recognize them all and it’s continually been necessary to create new ones to handle the overflow of cinematic excellence.
How else to account for the proliferation of movie awards and award broadcasts that’s taken place? Now, I love movies and I enjoy tuning into an A-list gala as much as the next guy but I’ve got to say I’m starting to get a tad misty for the days when the Oscars were the only game in town. Sure they were pompous exercises in self promotion and awardees took themselves too seriously and prattled on too long. But it was a special occasion. Entertainment industry types gathered to remind the world how wonderful they were but once a year. No where else could you see so many famous faces in one place.
These days celebrities barely have time to prattle on too long at one awards ceremony before bolting for their limos and hitting the red carpet at the next one. And you wonder why so many suffer from exhaustion.
Spring, summer, winter or fall somebody somewhere is handing out something. The Academy Awards will no doubt retain their top dog status when they’re doled out for the 74th time in March but film award junkies will hardly have spent the previous twelve months without a fix.
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