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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | November 30, 2006

The Detroit’s Scorpions Motorcycle Club are a free loving, fun loving group of bikers who ride the open road, get high, and enjoy life. They have no one to answer to, and they don’t mind helping out someone along the road on their spare time.

That is until the man gets them down and decides to ruin their good time.

D**e and Dear’s film has awful editing, off-sync dialogue, zero plot, and characterization based around endless montages of the group partying, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a damn good time to be had. D**e and Dear’s film is the chronicles of a biker gang who doesn’t bother anyone unless they’re crossed, and seek only to go on about their lives.

That is until the stigma they carry with them comes around to bite them in the a*s. Stopping at a local town, the daughter of the local sheriff is raped by an officer, and the Scorpions have been blamed. Now being hunted by local officials, they team with a rival club to clear their name.

Under tighter direction, and better acting “Northville Cemetery Massacre” could be a rather exciting action flick, but in its own form, it’s an entertaining albeit brutally flawed film. The performances by the Scorpions are adequate enough for a story that doesn’t demand too much from them. They brood, they talk tough, and they shoot. That’s about it. The rest is handled with montage after montage, and basically just showing that the group is not what the authorities perceive them as.

In a nutshell, “Northville” is basically the anti-establishment war cry of the sixties reflecting on screen. The bikers are peace loving religious folks who are pushed to the brink of violence and stone cold vengeance by an unforgiving corrupt government who set them up.

Taken in its context, “Northville Cemetery Massacre” is a balls-to-the-wall exploitation actioner with a message from folks who grew up in the Vietnam era. And you can’t sweat them for wanting to express that.

Freedom: R.I.P.

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