It’s perhaps the only awards show where you may have seen all the nominees. The Third Annual Golden Trailer Awards Show – which honors film trailers for their artistic value – caravans to Los Angeles after two years in New York City. This year’s event takes place on Thursday, March 14th at 8:00 p.m. at The El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, CA (6838 Hollywood Boulevard).
This year’s panel of industry judges includes: Actor Ben Stiller (Zoolander, Meet the Parents); Producer Kathleen Kennedy (Jurassic Park, ET); Director Brett Ratner, (Family Man, Rush Hour); Director Atom Egoyan, (Sweet Hereafter); Film Critic Peter Travers (Rolling Stone); Film Critic Jonathan Foreman (The New York Post); Michael W. Patrick (CEO, Carmike Cinemas); McCarty Baker (Executive Director, The Art Bridge); Quinn Coleman (Executive, Warner Bros.); Jim Ward (VP Marketing, Lucasfilms LTD); Producer Forrest Murray (Spitfire Grill); and Jim Gibbons (EVP Marketing, Paramount Pictures).
“The formula for making a great trailer is not to follow a formula,” says Evelyn Brady, co-founder of the Golden Trailer Awards. “You can hint, taunt, tease and torment the audience, but the payoff should never be in the trailer.”
A panel of industry judges will select the best previews in 17 categories ranging from Trashiest Trailer to Best Trailer, No Movie to the Golden Fleece Award. The most coveted and complimentary award to an editor, the Golden Fleece, goes to the trailer that convinces audiences to see a not-so-great movie, pulling off an incredible sales job through sheer creative genius. New this year, the “What’s Left?” award allows the public to vote for the trailer that gave away too much of the film. Finally, on a more serious note, the Saul Bass Award recognizes the finest title sequence in a feature film.
Winners at last year’s awards ceremony included Bedazzled for the Saul Bass Award, Hollow Man for the Golden Fleece Award, Chicken Run for Best Animation/Family, Unbreakable for Best Horror/Thriller, and Darren Aronofksy’s Requiem for a Dream for Best of Show.
Launched by industry veterans—and sisters—Evelyn and Monica Brady, the Golden Trailer Awards is the film industry’s awards show for feature film trailers: 90 minutes of pure, adrenaline-packed fun and non-stop entertainment. “It’s the movie awards show guaranteed against attention deficit disorder,” says Monica Brady. “Not only is it perfectly paced for our society, it celebrates the people who condense 120 minutes of movie into a two-minute minor opus.”
Evelyn Brady’s production experience includes eight years as a producer for many of the world’s top commercial photographers. Since graduating from NYU film school in the spring of 1997, Monica Brady has worked on numerous film projects in New York and has written three feature-length films. The two sisters are currently in pre-production on the screen adaptation of Ron Carlson’s novel Betrayed by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
The Nominees for the Third Annual Golden Trailer Awards are (in alphabetical order by title):
BEST DRAMA ^ Ali (Black Satellite Trailer); Black Hawk Down; Memento; Mulholland Drive; Signs
BEST ROMANCE ^ Amelie; Charlotte Gray; Innocence; Moulin Rouge!; The Princess and the Warrior
BEST ACTION ^ A Knight’s Tale; Driven; Pearl Harbor; Spider-Man (Helicopter); The Fast and the Furious
BEST COMEDY ^ Bridget Jones’s Diary; Ghost World; Ocean’s Eleven; Monsters, Inc. (Charades Trailer 2); The Royal Tenenbaums
BEST HORROR/THRILLER ^ Brotherhood of the Wolf; Jurassic Park III; No Such Thing; Panic Room; Signs
BEST ANIMATION/FAMILY ^ ET; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone; Monsters, Inc. (#1); Princess Diaries; Waking Life
TRASHIEST TRAILER ^ Fast Sofa; Jay and Silent Bob; Series 7; Sexual Predator; The Hole
MOST ORIGINAL ^ L.I.E.; Memento; Mullholand Drive; The Royal Tenenbaums; Waking Life
BEST DOCUMENTARY TRAILER ^ Go Tigers; Legend of Marilyn Monroe; Mau Mau Sex Sex ; Nobody Someday
BEST TRAILER, NO MOVIE ^ Bill and Eddie; Soupernatural; The Truth Laws; Wedding Album
BEST INDEPENDENT ^ Kandahar; Narc; Rabbit-Proof Fence; Series 7; The Farmhouse
BEST MUSIC ^ Exit Wounds; Moulin Rouge!; Spider-Man; The Princess and the Warrior; The Royal Tenenbaums
BEST VOICE OVER ^ Amelie; Scotland, PA; Sexy Beast; Spider-Man; The Royal Tenenbaums
THE GOLDEN FLEECE AWARD ^ 13 Ghosts; The Business of Strangers; Dancing at the Blue Iguana; Final Fantasy; Long Time Dead
THE SAUL AND ELAINE BASS AWARD FOR BEST TITLE SEQUENCE ^ AI –Artificial Intelligence; Bandits; The Mummy Returns; The One; Waking Life
BEST FOREIGN TRAILER ^ Amelie; Bridget Jones’s Diary; Brotherhood of the Wolf; Long Time Dead; No Man’s Land
Tickets can be purchased on For more info, go to The Official Goldn Trailer Awards web site.
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