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By Eric Campos | October 1, 2005

With her first feature, Alice Wu has taken the romantic comedy and turned it into something not so frightening. “Saving Face” is thought provoking and brimming with charm, match that with an infectious sense of humor and outstanding performances and you have a film better than most of the fare hitting national theaters every weekend.

Wilhelmina Pang is the perfect daughter, or so you’d think. She’s a smart, beautiful, successful surgeon, but her family, and friends of the family, won’t be completely happy with her until she’s married to the right guy. Problem is, Wil is gay, or at least, this is what she’ll discover about herself when she meets the gorgeous Vivian, a professional dancer, who pursues Wil until the two become lovers…secret lovers…a task Wil is finding difficult to do due to her widowed mother recently moving in with her as she’s been kicked out of her parents’ home because they’ve found that that she’s pregnant with a mystery man’s baby. Oh by. Yes, these are the days of our lives. The days of their lives. And they get a lot more complicated than what I’ve just laid out, I’ll just let it all unravel itself when you see this film for yourself. And yes, that means this is a big recommendation.

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