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By Chris Parcellin | May 11, 2004

Arban Ornelas isn’t your typical B-movie queen. Sure, she has the requisite curvaceous figure, topped-off with stunning exotic beauty and a free-spirited attitude. But being an actress wasn’t something she’d aspired to since childhood–she actually broke into film at the suggestion of towering B-movie legend Julie Strain. Strain became a mentor of sorts to Ornelas, and soon the ravishing brunette found herself in the campy indie comedy “Bare Wench Project 2.”

Ornelas followed that up with roles in two upcoming Troma productions. She also has her own comic book “Mahdvika” set to make it’s debut, as well as recent forays into screenwriting and directing. But the sultry vixen’s talents aren’t limited to the world of film. Her band, an electronic duo called Darling Hate, is set to ink a deal with punk veteran Steve Severin’s record label that should assure Ornelas of the chance to reach plenty of potential fans. And this budding songstress is also an avid photographer.

With all of these projects ready to pop for the gregarious beauty, this seemed like a good time to find out a bit more about her, and try to get some insight into what makes her tick.

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