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By Film Threat Staff | February 8, 2000

Below is the official press release from FX about the show:


New, Weekly Movie Reviews From The Next Generation’s Movie Critic

Pasadena, CA – January 20, 2000 – Beginning in March, irreverent film critic Chris Gore will fill viewers in each week on what movies live up to the hype, or horribly miss the mark in The New Movie Show with Chris Gore, it was announced by Peter Liguori, President, FX. Described as a “Roger Ebert of the people” and “the Gen-X Leonard Maltin,” Chris has built a solid reputation as the hilariously honest, down-to-earth creator and editor of Film Threat Weekly, a free weekly e-mail newsletter sent to more than 100,000 subscribers. Recently, Chris has appeared as a regular on FX’s The X Show in “The Gorey Details,” a review segment that has been expanded into this half-hour, weekly series, which will be produced by Mindless Entertainment and FOX Television Studios.

With his strong, unabashed point of view and a passion for film, Chris is in the unique position to become the voice of the next generation of movie critics. Each week, The New Movie Show gives viewers a detailed and comprehensive review of the big films of the week, complete with clips and references. Chris will also be covering the week’s films with a small panel of young, hip, urban critics. This McLaughlin-esque group of film pundits might include a film student, Blockbuster Clerk or Hollywood insider, all with their own unique point of view. At the end of the show, Chris wraps up the reviews with the “Gore Score,” summarizing the week’s releases with his final opinion.

In recent reviews, Chris called Flawless, starring Robert De Niro, “a total piece of Schumacher”; declared Denise Richards’ performance as a nuclear physicist in The World Is Not Enough as “one of the most unintentionally funny I have seen all year”; and said, “There are three words which will absolutely keep me from seeing any movie: Starring Chris O’Donnell. So take my advice and avoid The Bachelor.” On the other hand, he’s ripped his shirt off to salute Fight Club; applauded Toy Story 2 for “No Jar Jar!”; and said that Magnolia had “the best ensemble cast of the year. However, the standout performance actually comes from Tom Cruise. Yeah, I’m just as shocked as you.”

In 1985, Chris created Film Threat as a college fanzine in Detroit. As the fanzine evolved into a respected national magazine, he relocated to Los Angeles in 1989. Film Threat magazine fast became a leading source for information about films. The print version of Film Threat has since been retired. However, the web site, Film Threat, is one of the most popular sites about movies on the Net (

Chris has been featured on television shows such as MTV’s Big Picture, CNN, Cartoon Network, Sci-Fi Channel, American Journal, Premiere Story, Geraldo, and Bravo’s Split Screen, among others. He was named one of “LA’s 50 Most Interesting People” by Los Angeles Magazine and has written for numerous other magazines, including Harper’s, IndieWIRE, Spin and Details.

He is the author of The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide, The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made, and the forthcoming Never Coming to a Theater Near You. In addition, Chris has been a judge at the Slamdance Film Festival (Sundance’s alternative spin-off festival), the Florida Film Festival, the Athens Film Festival, the Atlanta Film Festival and for the American Film Institute. Chris has also written and directed three short films, including Red, starring Lawrence Tierney (Reservoir Dogs).

The New Movie Show with Chris Gore will be executive produced by Gary Auerbach and Mark Cronin, founders of Mindless Entertainment, who in 1998 partnered exclusively with FOX Television Studios. With numerous TV and film credits between them, Gary and Mark have a track record of creatively reinventing genres for the next generation. They’ve brought young guys to late night with FX’s The X Show, and made games shows hip again with MTV’s Singled Out, which Gary executive produced and Mark produced. Mr. Auerbach has also just written and directed a feature for Polygram Films entitled, Just Your Luck, starring Vince Vaughn. He has also created, directed and produced numerous reality, comedy and documentary series for MTV and other networks. Mr. Cronin has been producer, writer, and contributor for numerous Howard Stern projects including his syndicated television show, his radio show and The Howard Stern Interview special on E! Entertainment Television. Mr. Auerbach and Mr. Cronin partnered in 1997 after realizing they both shared the same Mindless vision.

Fox Television Studios was created in July 1997 to provide a unique entrepreneurial and creative environment in which production companies dedicated to specific program genres and forms share business, administrative, financial and production services.

FX is a branded general entertainment basic cable network geared toward viewers with a young, savvy mindset. The diverse schedule includes a growing roster of fearlessly original programs, daring acquired series, provocative event films, plus marquee sports. The network launched in 1994 and is seen in 45 million homes. For more information go on line at

The New Movie Show with Chris Gore premieres Thursday, March 16th at 10:30 pm on the FX Network.

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