Response to Film Threat’s recent feature Never on Video: The Top 20 “Missing” Movies was excellent, with many readers offering input on other films which were never officially released in any home entertainment format (video, laserdisc or DVD) in any country. Not unlike the Hollywood studios which want to keep a good thing going, we’ve decided to offer a sequel with the next 20 “missing” movies which have long been absent.
Before we begin, we need to have a brief update on two of the films from the first article which actually have been located on home video. The 1973 Peter Sellers feature The Optimists has been confirmed in having a very brief home video release in Canada in the early 1980s via the now-defunct Astral Video label. And the 1999 caper I Woke Up Early the Day I Died is now available on home video in Germany and it can be purchased online via Amazon’s German site.
And now, here are the next 20 “missing” movies. These films, as with the titles on the first list, span the decades of the cinema from the silent era to 1970. Some of the films are classics, some are curios, and some have been unseen for so long that it is difficult to predict how contemporary audiences will view them. A few of the films are available in bootleg dupes, but none have ever been made officially available for home viewing. In order of their theatrical release, here is our new offering of “missing” movies:
Get the complete list in the next part of NEVER ON VIDEO II: THE NEXT TOP 20 “MISSING” MOVIES>>>

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