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By Phil Hall | January 26, 2008

The Spanish import “Nevando Voy” takes place in a factory that manufactures snow chains for automobile tires. It is not a very large factory, as the packing and shipping section consists of two men and two women. The film finds this quartet being brought together for this assignment: the gruff old manager Javier and his three temporary workers: the sullen young Jairo, the middle-aged Carmen and the giggly young Angela.

At first, the women bond but the men keep their distance. But slowly, all four begin to connect and the workplace become a mini-family. But problems occur when the women are transferred to another department in the factory. They manage to get reassigned back to their original setting, only to Javier in a newly unpleasant mood due to difficulties from home. Even worse, a threat of downsizing hangs over the factory. Can the four friends remain on good terms despite these problems?

“Nevando Voy” is not a bad film, but it is not particularly special. It is presented as a slice of life drama, but sliced-up-life doesn’t necessarily make for compelling films. Watching adult friendships grow, unravel and get mended is a pleasant idea, but it doesn’t quite work when it is put on the screen – it is meant to mirror reality, but it forgets that reality on its own terms is somewhat boring. The late dramatic plot twists seem contrived and fail to energize the film.

To its credit, the actors make up a wonderful ensemble and the bond between them is charming and sincere. Plus, the younger performers – Laura De Pedro as Angela and Xabi Yarnoz as Jairo – are so uncommonly good looking that the viewer immediately wonders how long it will take before they start moving in a romantic direction (it’s less than 25 minutes, thanks to De Pedro’s low-cut jeans and Yarnoz’s ability to appreciate her cute “innie” navel).

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