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By Film Threat Staff | May 3, 2006

Last summer the amazing Alamo Drafthouse started a “rolling roadshow” in which the Drafthouse crew hit the road with a huge inflatable movie screen and a projector to show movies throughout the U.S. The idea wasn’t just to show movies though. The Drafthouse took it a step further and wanted to show cool films in the location they were filmed. As such, you could see “Bullitt” in San Francisco or “The Goonies” in Astoria, OR. They also had a bunch of fun games and scavenger hunts set up around the screenings. Totally cool! Yet today it was announced Netflix was having “A Rolling Roadshow.” O.K…so they stole the name. But the roadshow consists of exactly the same ideas behind the Alamo Drafthouse’s idea! What the hell? I mean sure, it’s a great idea and it obviously wasn’t copyrighted. But at least try and act like you thought of it yourself. Maybe change the name? I will say the thought of seeing “Clerks” at the actual Quik-Stop in Jersey is appealing, but damned corporate people always try and sucker you in. Read more about it at Netflix>>>

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