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By Brad Laidman | January 21, 2001

“Spinal Tap” for pot-smoking Southern slackers? “Nebraska Supersonic” is a pseudo-documentary about the post graduate travails of three loser buddies who, for some reason, all majored in French and seem surprised that the world isn’t desperate for their services. The acting in this movie makes the cast of “Clerks” seem like the New York method actors of the 1950’s. Most of the talking heads in this movie look like they are struggling to read from a dim tele-prompter.
Each of our heroes is introduced while doing a celebratory bong toke. It must really be a decimating experience to go from being super-popular collegiate pot smoking Joes to unemployed losers the second that you somehow manage to graduate, but it’s hard to feel sorry for these morons. It’s a wonder they got into college in the first place.
Unable to actually remember any French, the three buddies decide to become independent bicycle messengers. Just so you’re entertained every once in a while, an old man shows up in a bikini or various characters suddenly appear naked for reasons that I fail to comprehend. Where is Puck when you really need him?
“Nebraska Supersonic” is a movie where nothing really happens, nothing is lost and nothing is learned. Warning: Your friends might not be as funny as you think they are.

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