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By Don R. Lewis | October 22, 2005

Where will you be when the revolution starts? What revolution, you ask? I don’t know….but I’m sure one’s coming. Roommates Ross (Cooke) and Don (Thompson) happen to be meeting in a diner when the revolution strikes. The problem is, they hardly even notice. As the two bicker over the cleanliness of their apartment and the lifestyle choices the other makes, a bizarre battle ensues outside their window. People are attacked, air quality disintegrates and blood gets shed yet all Ross and Don care about is who does what during the day.

“Myopia” is a clever little short written by Mathieu Young (who also directed) and D.J. Gugenheim. You have to love a film with a smart premise that doesn’t get too drawn out. “Myopia” is intelligent and to the point. The filmmakers were also smart in that by the time you stop to really wonder what the hell is going on, the titles are rolling. There’s also a great message here about not getting so wrapped up in your daily minutiae and personal politics that you forget the larger world, but that message, like the film itself doesn’t beat you over the head.

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