Hey all…just wanted to drop a quick note to let my fans (and haters) know that my newest documentary short “Drag King” will be premiering this Friday night at the deadCENTER Film Festival in beautiful Oklahoma City. However, I will not be there. Why? Because Mark and the fine folks at this site have demanded my presence at CineVegas and I can’t do both. I really am bummed.

Many of you might skoff as who would choose Oklahoma over Vegas, but I happen to love Oklahoma as my brother-in-law is a true bred Okie and I spent a few weeks there over the years. They have 5 cent beer nights!!! It really does suck to have to choose between fests as having met the people who put deadCENTER together (Al, Kim, Melissa) I can tell you, they really know what they’re doing. Not only that, but they’re really fun, down to earth people and they really like booze. I mean MOVIES! They really like movies. So even though I can’t go I hope some of you reading this will. Plus, our very own Pete Vonder Haar will be there and has promised to hogtie anyone who boos my film. Thanks, Pete.

Drag King” is about this group of people in Northern California who get together every summer and hold “The Fiberglass 500.” What these crazy-a*s people do is, they get old cars (as well as some souped up ones) and attach old, beat-up boats to them. They then race around the track trying to destroy each others boats. It’s pretty awesome and really appeals to your inner redneck. If you’re outwardly a redneck, then you’ll automatically like it. By the way, nice tooth.

We shot it last summer using 8 different cameras including one mounted on top of one of the cars, facing backwards towards the boat. Of the 8 cameras, only one didn’t make it and that was the one attached to a guys hand who was riding in the backseat of a car. Not to worry, his hand and arm made it safely but the camera died valiantly for the cause.

We’ve been really holding out on submitting the film because, well, it’s frigging expensive and also because we want to show it at fests who have an audience who will “get” it. Plus we want to use the film as an excuse to travel to all the fun and cool film festivals and I think deadCENTER qualifies on all those counts.

We show at Midnight on Friday as part of the midnight shorts so if you’re in or around OKC, I hope you can make it out! Here’s our lil page on their website as well:

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  1. Scott says:

    Oh, cool. I totally need to see this movie. It sounds awesome.

  2. MikeWatt says:

    Congrats, Don! If you see Amy and I in formal wear down by the Bellagio (Terry Benedict’s joint), say hi and win a prize!

  3. donswaynos says:

    Congratulations Don. I’m going to try to make it to the midnight shorts.

    I’ve got a doc playing at deadCENTER this year. It’s called “Year at Danger” and it’s playing Friday (6/13) at 3 and Saturday (6/14) at 5:30.

  4. Give me a break, it’s the next to last short playing after midnight in a venue with an open bar. I’ll be lucky if I don’t get in a fight with myself.

  5. Congrats Don, that’s awesome. I hope to hear stories of Vonder Haar kicking some a*s.

  6. gerrim says:

    This sounds like a fun movie. If I were in Oklahoma I’d be all over this screening!

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