It is inconceivable that a worse holiday-inspired film than “My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas” exists. This weird, icky and thoroughly emetic endeavor imagines Christmas in Ponyville, a bizarre alternative universe consisting of talking female horses who come in a range of very non-equine hues. As December 25 comes near, the girlie ponies put up their giant Christmas tree topped with the “Here Comes Christmas Candy Cane”– that decoration is meant to cue Santa to drop his presents down their chimneys.

Alas, the clumsy green pony Minty winds up breaking the big candy cane. Not wanting to miss out on a visit from St. Nick, Minty and the other ponies work their tails off to make sure Christmas isn’t ruined.

Although this flick is aimed at little children, even the dullest of toddlers would be bored or confused here. The animation is thoroughly hideous, the soundtrack is packed with sugary tunes that can create tooth rot just by listening to them, and the distinct absence of boy ponies can make the jaded viewer wonder if Ponyville is really a paradise for Sapphic horses. But kids aren’t the only ones to be upset. Christian fundamentalists who launch annual inveighs on the secular encroachment of Christmas will probably s**t bricks knowing the observance of the birth of Jesus has devolved into a slapstick musical romp with multicolored horses eager for free toys. O Holy Night, indeed!

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