By Admin | November 16, 2003

We’ve told ya once. We’ve told ya twice. We’ll tell ya a third time – this is a funny goddamn movie! My Life With Morrissey acquaints us with a Morrissey fan whose life turns into a blazing train wreck after she meets the cheerless pop star. Lovers and haters of Morrissey and his Smiths will get a big kick out of how far this fan lets her life crumble, all for the love of Morrissey.
Special features include commentary by director Andrew Overtoom and a few select members from his cast with everyone having a little humorous insight into the production to contribute. Also, for the My Life With Morrissey fanatics (if Morrissey can have rabid fans, why can’t this movie?), there are about ten minutes of deleted shots and behind the scenes footage to drool over. Knock yourself out.
But the real special feature is the 30-minute documentary, “Real Life With Morrissey,” focusing on a few select die-hard Morrissey fans and the Morrissey themed events and conventions they go to. Once again, very funny stuff. One of the funniest things, to me at least, is that most of the people interviewed have actually had run-ins with Morrissey and, of course, they all describe him as being a very kind human being. This surprised me because I figured Morrissey would have been a much more difficult person to make contact with than say…E.T…but this doc makes it sound like you may just run into him during your next stop at Hot Dog on a Stick. Oh wait…I don’t think they have veggie dogs at Hot Dog on a Stick. Never mind.
For a good stalker film that’s funnier than “Fatal Attraction” and creepier than Chuck and Buck, check out this DVD.

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