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By Chris Gore | March 10, 2003

What is your hope for the film?
That it gets distributed. Does that mean anything to you? That you would get to see it. That’s all that means. It’s a technical term: distributed. Yeah, you know, you make a little movie like this… and I think we pulled it off. I think it works; it’s funny and sad and interesting and surprising. You just want people to be able to see it, you know. That was sort of the case with “Mr. Show,” too. It was very frustrating for the years that it wasn’t on HBO and they wouldn’t release it on video or DVD. And that’s really… as an artist, you have… there are only two things that you could possibly want: which in sort of the case with Run, Ronnie, Run, the “Mr. Show” movie, is that no one gets to see it. Or in the case of this movie, as many people as possible get to see Melvin Goes to Dinner because I think it’s great. I think we did it; we succeeded. And it has the feelings and it covers territory we wanted to cover, and I think it works. So I hope it gets a release. It would be nice to get a theatrical release, but it’s not absolutely necessary. If it could just come out on DVD and be available to people… and that people know about it, you know. I really feel like, if people see Melvin Goes to Dinner they’ll talk about it. They’ll be surprised by it, and they’ll talk about it and they’ll want to see it again. It’s the kind of movie where people tell their friends about it and pass it around. And I think it could have a big life through word of mouth. So that’s what it needs. And I think college kids would love it for an entirely different reason that you like it, or I like it. You know, because there’s this voyeuristic quality of seeing people that are 10 years older than you… who’ve f****d themselves up and are into really deep s**t and are talking about it. Cuz in college, you would never want to say, “I almost s**t myself, I came so hard,” but when you’re 30, you have no pride. What do you do at night when you get high? What do you think? I sit up and watch porn. I mean, at college, you would say that with guys, but you wouldn’t say that sitting with girls. But when you get to be 30 and everybody’s all messed up, you start saying those things. And I think it would be really kind of fun for college kids to see how messed up they’re going to be in 10 years.

Melvin Goes to Dinner. Come see it please. Don’t bring food.

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