In the can since 2001 and already released to Australian theaters, “Till Human Voices Wake Us,” starring Guy Pearce and Helena Bonham Carter, is finally getting a U.S. theatrical release from Paramount Classics.
Written and directed by Australian filmmaker Michael Petroni (The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, Queen of the Damned), “Till Human Voices Wake Us” is a supernatural romance that tells the story of a psychologist (Pearce), who, upon returning to his childhood home to bury his father, encounters a mysterious young woman (Bonham Carter). Evoking memories of a long-lost love, the woman forces him to relinquish the past, and to embrace the future.
“Till Human Voice Wake Us is a kind of magical realism. In the end, the meaning of it all can be as simple or complicated as the viewer wishes to make it and that is the beauty of the film. It is about many things, including love, loss, redemption, belief, the power and danger of emotion and growing up. It transports you to another world but at the same time, it’s a tale with which each individual person can have a very personal and unique interaction. No two people are likely to see it the same way,” says producer Nigel Odell.
Watch the trailer.

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