Imagine a day with the “Capturing the Friedmans” family, but instead of raping children, they’re way into Star Wars!

Today’s episode finds two brothers drooling over a Stormtrooper outfit they wheeled and dealed off of Ebay, created by what one of the brothers refers to as a “geek.” Funny, eh? Then begins the trying on of this suit of armor from a galaxy, far, far away. It proves to be a huge pain in the a*s to squeeze into this thing and soon the rest of the family joins in, trying to get one of the brothers into the goddamned suit. The words “Aren’t you a little fat for a Stormtrooper?” come to mind.

Be it real or fake, this footage is pretty uncomfortable to watch, but that’s a part of its charm. Star Wars geeks can be so tragically entertaining.

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