“Scary Movie” did it to the Horror Film. “Not Another Teen Movie” did it to the, uh, Teen Movie. And now, it’s time for Independents to get theirs in this hilarious spoof that takes the highbrow world of independent film to an all-new low. Anchor Bay Entertainment, an IDT Entertainment company, will release MY BIG FAT INDEPENDENT MOVIE on DVD January 24th. The two disc set is packed with extras including audio commentary with Director Philip Zlotorynski and Co-Writer /Producer Chris Gore, The Making of MBFIM Featurette, Theatrical Trailers and a Set of 7 Collectible Postcards. MBFIM will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.98.
MY BIG FAT INDEPENDENT MOVIE spoofs some of the indie film world’s most renowned movies including “Memento,” “Pulp Fiction,” “Magnolia,” “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” “Amelie,” “Run Lola Run,” “El Mariachi,” “The Good Girl,” “Pi,” “Swingers” and many others. This hilariously smart satire tells the story of Johnny Vince, a swingin’ hepcat who meets hitmen Sam and Harvey on a road trip to pull a “botched robbery” in Las Vegas. Along the way they take a deeply unfulfilled not-so-good-girl hostage (HUFF’s Paget Brewster), encounter the mysterious Mechanic (Clint Howard), get harassed by a foulmouthed answering machine (Jason Mewes) and did we mention the lesbians? The result — hilarity ensues!

MY BIG FAT INDEPENDENT MOVIE was co-written and produced by Chris Gore, founder of the legendary website, Film Threat and author of what is known as the “bible” for festivals, The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide. Executive producers include Tim Misenhimer and David Wiggins of Aloha Pictures, LLC, an independent film production entity.

During its film festival run, MY BIG FAT INDEPENDENT MOVIE was awarded Best Feature at the Temecula International Film Festival. It has been featured in over 30 festivals.

For more info, visit the “My Big Fat Independent Movie” website.

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