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By Alan Ng | May 2, 2022

Even the greatest heroes from history had their moments of human weakness. That was true of renowned abolitionist Frederick Douglass in Paul Grant’s short film, The Visit.

In 1859, Frederick Douglass (DL Hopkins) was going through a mid-life crisis. His reputation was tarnished due to an alleged affair, and he needed money due to mounting debts. Douglass is sequestered in a Delaware home with his youngest son, Charles (Matthew Christopher Morgan), to write his autobiography. Just at the point of frustration, an unexpected visitor arrives in the form of Harriet Tubman (Shalandis Wheeler Smith).

“…at the point of frustration, an unexpected visitor arrives in the form of Harriet Tubman.”

Though the same age and similar origins as former slaves, the two could not be more different. Douglass is a polished, well-spoken orator of freedom. On the other hand, Tubman is a hands-on-the-ground warrior fighting to rescue slaves. She is there to speak to Douglass about his decision to join Pastor John Brown’s fateful raid on Harpers Ferry.

Set up like a stage play, The Visit presents the somewhat heated discussion between Douglas and Tubman. DL Hopkins and Shalandis Wheeler Smith give fantastic performances as the duo. Grant’s story gives both characters a humanity that rightfully grounds them as compared to their personas from history. Douglass feels unfulfilled merely being the voice of freedom and is jealous of Tubman being on the literal battlelines. But is Douglass’ role just as valid as Tubman’s?

The Visit offers a personal moment of reflection for two of the great heroes of freedom.

For screening information, visit the official website of The Visit.

The Visit (2022)

Directed and Written: Paul Grant

Starring: DL Hopkins, Shalandis Wheeler Smith, etc.

Movie score: 8/10

The Visit Image

"…Hopkins and Shalandis Wheeler Smith give fantastic performances..."

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