By Don R. Lewis | February 5, 2012

When the end times come, and many say they’re coming soon, when that skeleton beats on your door looking to take you away, what will you do? If you’re the characters in Sean Gill’s short film “Mustache Party,” you’ll invite your friends to put on a big fake mustache and come over for some drinks! While this may seem like a funny and silly idea (and it is), this film is actually a niftily shot black and white art/experimental film that, frankly, didn’t do much for me.

While certainly not unwatchable and featuring some nice camera work and lighting, “Mustache Party” felt like a class assignment or a film that one makes to show friends and family for a few laughs. Yet even saying that feels harsh as this isn’t a “bad film,” it’s just one that wasn’t my cup of tea.

Gill lights the film extremely well and the shots in this black and white short are nicely composed. There’s a symbolic skeleton beating a drum which I liked as well as another creature who pops up later but honestly I was unclear as to why.  The score by Mr. Ludwig Van Beethoven adds a touch of class but, in the end, the rendition featured here gave the whole affair a stodgy vibe. Yet “Mustache Party” still has some nice touches even if it wasn’t a film for me.

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