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By Eric Campos | September 4, 2006

Get ready to throw on an extra pair of super absorbant panties because this here is a romantic comedy featuring everyone’s favorite Angel, David Boreanaz. It’s gonna be a sticky ride.

Boreanaz plays Lance Valenteen, the self-appointed Mr. Fix It. Lance fixes shitty relationships between couples by making the relationships look…not so shitty. Newly dumped guys visit Lance at Mr. Fix It HQ where they plead their case, telling him of that one major flaw that saw their former significant other giving them the axe. Lance gathers the girl’s personal information, sets up a time and place to “accidentally” bump into her, worms his way into her heart, and then, just when she’s totally fallen for him, he takes her ex-boyfriend’s one major flaw and magnifies it, so that he becomes the biggest creep on the planet and the ex becomes Mr. Fantastic again and winds up with the girl. It’s easy money for Lance, but it comes at a price – Lance has no heart and this little business he’s started continues to deny him having one. But then, romantic comedy formula kicks in, and Lance is assigned to the one girl that might be able to dig deep enough into his chest to find that troublesome little organ that’s fabled to empower you to love.

Romantic comedies come and go. You and I both know that. And there have been a few that have had that certain power to stand the test of time – “Romancing the Stone,” “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” and “Irreversible” – movies that will always make you wanna grab the one you love and do stuff to ‘em. Then there’s the rest of them, the many, many rest of them, and the good ones are the ones that give us characters that aren’t only worth spending time with, but characters you want to hang out with long after the movie ends. The good ones make a connection with us, they’re not just nap time fodder. And the good ones are truly romantic and comical, not annoying and tragic. “Mr. Fix It” is one of the good ones. It’s a great date movie that showcases Boreanaz’s ability to lead a romantic comedy. Women will freak out as will the fellas when they see how freaky their ladies get once the movie ends. Everyone wins!

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