By Felix Vasquez Jr. | January 24, 2007

2007 SUNDANCE SHORT! Graham is trying to find a reason to stay, but he has to face the inevitable. He’s moving away for good, and there’s a very strong chance that the relationships with his best friend, and his distant dad will slip away in only a matter of time. After a painful goodbye to his friend, he stays with his dad, a man who is basically very quiet, and very settled. From the moment they re-unite it’s evident they’ve experienced a lot. There’s many things that have been unsaid, there are many grudges, unsettled feuds, and they really have nothing to say to one another in spite of it. Graham’s father is the example of the old fashioned man. The individual who isn’t one for conversing with his son, and likely has no idea who he is as a person, but is obviously trying to make up for that. Through gestures. As soon as Graham arrives his father is intent on fixing his car for the sake safety.

Graham resists, but his dad insists again and again until Graham finally realizes why. His dad is seeking to fix the problems in their relationship in only a matter of hours. Through silent glances, and simple exchanges about Christmas lights, and car engines, the two reveal the inner workings of their relationship. Pulley shows two men anxiously trying to rebuild and resolve their relationship as best a father and son can. All of which ends with a rather heartbreaking surprise, that Pulley delivers with success. “Move Me” is an unconventional drama about relationships between men, and how we who can’t express our love through words, express it through simple, seemingly mundane tasks.

And, as a beautiful topping, Pulley’s message comes through loud and clear: It’s never too late to save a broken relationship.

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