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By Film Threat Staff | May 5, 2002

The minds behind Men in Black II come through with another alien to meet and greet this week. But if you’re not a huge fan of that big hair phenomenon from the ’80s, you might not want to read any further:
Name: Big Head ^ Earth Name: Ben ^ Zone Restriction: Los Angeles city limits ^ Age: 25 ^ Height: 6’2” ^ Weight: 210 lbs. ^ Health: Medium ^ Armor: Medium ^ Speed: Medium ^ Bio Information: Big Head’s people, the Cerebrans, have been visiting Earth for the past millennium. Each time they appear, they bring a new hairstyle with them. To cover their enormous heads, they’ve had to fashion some pretty spectacular wigs. In the ’60s they introduced to us the Afro. The ’80s “Big Hair” craze was another one of their gifts to humanity. This race is as extremely intelligent as their brain mass would indicate. After having run out of things to learn about on their own planet, Cerebrans have begun studying Earth and its boundless variety. Sometime within the next few years, they hope to solve the meaning of life using all of the collected data that they’ve compiled. Overall, the Cerebrans have never made themselves nuisances, and are generally able to get a visa at any time they wish.
Check in with “Mosh Bulb,” “Eye Guy” and “Joey” to meet the rest of the Men in Black II family to date, and get ready for a new alien face next week.
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