If you’ve never seen DVDuesday on G4’s Attack of the Show, here the latest DVDuesday from Tuesday, August 29th in which discuss The Lord of the Rings Limited Edition, Simpsons season 8 and more…

Well for those who dig the segment, here’s a quick bit of news — DVDuesday will now be on Attack of the Show twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. Yeah, you heard me — TWICE A WEEK! That’s two-times the DVDs and two-times the Gore! Tuesdays segment will basically be the same with reviews of the latest DVDs hitting store shelves that day. Then there will be a whole new segment on Fridays with recommendations of various kinds of DVDs worth checking out. I think they are calling the Friday segment “DVD Weekend Wrap” or “Weekend Edition” or something like that. Each segment will also have a theme covering DVDs in a certain genre.
Anyway, last Friday I covered video game movies and forgot to mention one — in fact, this one is perhaps the best translation of a game to the film world and that is, of course, Mortal Kombat! Ugh! Idiot! How could I forget that one? The first MK movie was not only very watchable it was a lot of fun, which is more than you can say for nearly all the other video game flicks made. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the Wizard starred a young Jenny Lewis and I’m a big fan of her music, so… yeah, sometimes the mind spaces when you have to race through all those DVDs in just a few minutes. Check out the Friday DVDuesday segment from August 25th.

So, that’s more Gore for you every week on AOTS. (There’s also a pilot that I’ve done recently for G4 and when I can reveal news on that, you’ll be the first to know.) Okay… you may now return to your regularly scheduled web lurking. (Yeah, I don’t web surf, I lurk.)
Gore gone!

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