Though the Slamdance Film Festival always lands in Utah to run concurrently with bohemouth Sundance, the touring festival hits many cities over the course of many months. As the founders see it, it’s the best way to bring the most and best indie film directly to the people. After all, how many of us can actually pack up for Park City in January?
The Utah event will begin January 20th and rage until the 27th, 2001. If you plan on submitting, the early deadline is October 11, 2000, and a final deadline for all the slackers is November 8, 2000. Entry forms and application information are ready and waiting at the [ Slamdance website ] or you can find out more by calling Slamdance Headquarters at [ (323) 466-1786. ] Slamdance accepts film, video and digital work of all length, genres and formats.
And if you plan to catch Slamdance on the road, the tour’s official dates include events in San Francisco (Sept. 3-4), New York (Sept. 16-17), Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Nov. 3), and Las Vegas (Nov. 28 – Dec. 3).

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