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By Film Threat Staff | February 21, 2006

Now in its fourth year, The Backseat Film Festival (BFF) returns to Philly with a loud drunken crash! The Rock N’ Roll Film Fest is back in town, this time with a full week of programming guaranteed to leave you breathless, or passed out depending on how drunk you get! The festival runs February 28th through March 5th at the Triangle Theater (1220 N. Lawrence Street, Btwn 4th and 5th St, Philadelphia, PA 19122).

Backseat Film Festival 2006 Feature Programming – Philadelphia Premieres

All Kindsa Girls – Cheryl A. Eagan-Donovan ^ All Kindsa Girls traces the evolution of garage/punk rock from its inception through present day interpretations, focusing on legendary Boston rockers The Real Kids and their gifted (if haunted) front man, John Felice. Often compared to Buddy Holly and Brian Wilson, Felice fights to keep a band together, produce new material, and negotiate a future. John’s legacy is his persistence of vision and global influence. Features live performances by the Real Kids, Firestarter and The Explosion.

Derailroaded – Jeremy Lubin & Josh Rubin ^ Institutionalized for the first time at 16 after attacking his mother with a knife, Larry ‘Wild Man’ Fischer was released to wander the streets of LA, selling his songs (bizarre and funny observations from a dark and troubled mind) for 10¢ to passers by before being discovered by Frank Zappa. A paranoid-schizophrenic, in and out of treatment centers, and recording only occasionally, Fischer still managed to carve out a curious career that has lasted more than 30 years. Features interviews and memories of the Wild Man from Frank Zappa, Weird Al Yankovic, Mark Mothersbaugh of DEVO, Dr. Demento and more!

Die You Zombie Bastards! – Caleb Emerson ^ The world’s first ever serial-killer-superhero-rock n’ roll-zombie-road movie-romance! Thrill to the non-stop mayhem that ensues when lovable serial-killer Red Toole must travel the globe in search of his missing wife, the lovely Violet. She’s been kidnapped by the evil Baron Nefarious who, of course, plans to conquer the world by turning everyone into MINDLESS ZOMBIE SLAVES! Sure, the story may sound familiar, but trust us– you’ve never seen ANYTHING like THIS! Featuring Hasil Adkins, The Photon Torpedoes, Phantom Creeps, The Spectres, Superkollider, all new music by PAUL LEARY from the B******E SURFERS and more!

Harry Knuckles and the Pearl Necklace – Lee Demarbre ^ From Odessa Filmworks, the award winning team that brought the world Harry Knuckles and the Treasure of the Aztec Mummy and rewrote the gospel of Canadian filmmaking with Jesus Christ, Vampire Hunter comes a new knuckle-dusting adventure starring everyone’s favorite super spy. Can Special Agent Spanish Fly survive the onslaught of the Bionic Bigfoot, a seductive team of Amazon Assassins, pampered preppie pickpockets and more?

Irish American Ninja – Bill Sebastian ^ All George McGoogle ever wanted was to be a ninja. After completing his ninja training in Japan, George becomes disillusioned when he discovers his family has a dirty little secret. Unable to cope with his past, George’s grip on his career as an assassin begins to slip. Trying his hand in Hollywood, he enjoys some short-lived success as star of FBI Ninja I and II, but soon the American public wanes in their appreciation for the bitter warrior. George finds himself the scrutiny of a curious documentary film crew, and lest we fail to mention, hilarity ensues!

Pleasures of the Damned – Antonio Giallo ^ When a group of Satan worshiping bikers seeks out a book with the secrets of eternal life, they accidentally resurrect an ancient evil. Shot in Baltimore and Westminster over the summer of 2004, Pleasures mocks the campiness of 70’s Italian horror films! See a grip holding a light! See actors replaced halfway through the film! See intestines removed from a biker’s o-ring!

Stomp! Shout! Scream! – Jay Wade Edwards ^ From Jay Edwards, one of the producers and editors of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, comes a throwback to the good old beach party, rock n’ roll monster movie! In 1966, an all-girl garage rock band is on tour. Their van breaks down in a small southern beach town at the same time as a huge mass of mysterious debris washes ashore. Mangled bodies start showing up on the beach. Could it be the Skunk Ape, the Everglades’ Bigfoot?

Broad Daylight/Shine on Sweet Starlet – John Michael McCarthy ^ An amazing and timeless collection of Starlets ‘burlesquing’ (stripping for you laymen) to garage rock-n-roll, brought to the masses by Memphis Movie Messiah JMM [Superstarlet A.D.] in beautifully bizarre screen-warped colorization. Featuring the toasts of the modern burlesque scene such as Miss Exotic World 2002 Kitten DeVille [Auto Focus], Ursulina, [Lucha Va Voom], Miss Exotic World 2004 Dirty Martini, Mimi LeMeaux, and MUCH MORE!

For more info, check out the Backseat Film Festival website.

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