And we thought the F-18s and haunted paintings were a little peculiar. Now someone, a pair of filmmakers, are auctioning distribution rights to their feature film, “Alvarez & Cruz,” on eBay.
“Alvarez & Cruz” is an English-language crime drama that focuses on two Latino conmen/carjackers and their relationships — or lack thereof — with their deadbeat fathers. Ricky Alvarez (Alex D¹Lerma) & Jojo Cruz (Vince Lozano) hijack cars, sweet-talk women, have hearts of gold and quote The Godfather left and right. Now, both of their fathers have re-entered their lives causing years of pain and resentment to resurface.
“Vince and I were fed up with the lack of Latino leading roles in Hollywood so our solution was to create those roles in ‘Alvarez & Cruz’,” explains Alex D¹Lerma. “We wanted the audience members, regardless of their racial or cultural backgrounds, to be touched by the father/son conflict, which is semi-autobiographical.”
Keep an eye on the auction at Ebay.

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