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By Eric Campos | September 29, 2006

We’re all pretty decent, civilized human beings. Most of us, anyway. We eat our vegetables, look both ways before crossing and avoid violent situations. But that doesn’t mean our minds don’t wander into dark territories every once in a while. For instance, ever watch someone crossing the street and wonder what it would be like if they got creamed by a semi? Or perhaps you’ve imagined a window washer plummeting to his death from his high rise cleaning duties. What would it look like with him splattered all over the concrete below? Call it morbid curiosity.

The subject of this hilarious and, yes, morbid short film is a lot like us. Since she was a little girl, Destiny has dreamed about people’s grisly demises while wacthing them. Problem is, her twisted dreams always become reality, finding her friends and family meeting bizarre ends.

Destiny tells us of her bloody past in a video diary format as she talks to the camera. Intercut with this footage are photos of the various ways people have suffered from Destiny’s overactive imagination. The results are knee-slapping. This is a funny, funny short…even though it’s littered with countless deaths.

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