By Phil Hall | May 5, 2001

The complaints are still coming in. However, some fan mail is also seeping in with the pan mail. Here are some of the more recent remarks we’ve fielded… ^ Phil Hall pretty much is a dope. If all your film reviews are done by people with this little of a grasp on the subject of the film, that’s damn scary. Obviously it’s a shallow review by someone who’d rather be assigned somewhere else. Point in case: “We never get to see a whole game played.” About two seconds of investigation into the type of game EQ is would have told him you NEVER see the whole game. These characters are built from level 1 to level 60 and played continuously. There is no ‘end’ to the game. And his review of the ‘character types’ is so pathetically shallow given the range of classes/races in the game as to make even a casual EQ’er laugh at his nonsense. Too bad you didn’t have someone smarter or less lazy reviewing the information.
Well, you know that good help is hard to find. Moving right along: ^ It seems to me that this statement “To be frank, I’ve never heard of EverQuest prior to viewing this film…” discredits anything else this reviewer might have to say about EQ and its fans. Has he been living under a rock? I don’t play– I am creeped out by the whole “unreal-life” diehards adopt–but I know plenty of people who do, and the game is an important and fascinating reflection of modern human interaction. It wouldn’t have taken that chump of a reviewer more than 10 minutes of online research to find out something valuable to say.
No, I have not been living under a rock. But for a while I was living under a weird old woman whose vibrating bed shook up my apartment…but that’s another story. Then we have: ^ Phil! Shame on you! I’ve never read Film Threat before. Never heard of it, actually. I linked there from fark.com. As far as I know, your reviews are supposed to be funny. I don’t usually read or respect critics’ reviews anyway. I compare it to the Oscars and other award shows. I rarely hold the same opinion as the people who get to vote, so the information is useless to me.
Thank you… I think? And then we have this comment: ^ Hey whats up? I just read the piece on the movie “Cul-de-Sac” about the tank guy. I actually lived not far from there and that happened when I was in high school. But the way they describe Clairmont is accurate, its not someplace you would want to raise children or anything. I haven’t seen it since I moved to L.A, but I doubt it has done a 180 in two years….not a flame on the article, just my two cents.
To quote Quickdraw McGraw, wait just an eau-de-cologne minute! You’re in the wrong movie, bub. The line to blast the “Cul-de-Sac” review hasn’t begun forming yet. Let’s find another Everquest fan… ^ I thought your article was supposed to be a film review. It ended up reading like a game review and a review of the people who play the game. Since you have never played the game, and obviously not met anyone who plays the game, (believe me, they would have told you) you are asking for trouble when you tackle those subjects. It’s a bit like a grade school student trying to write a book report on a book he’s never read. You seem exactly like a person who is trying to write intelligently on a subject about which he knows nothing.
Actually, I used to write book reports in schools for texts I never read. And I received great grades, too!
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