George (Jonathan Le Billon) is an artist who has run into a mental block at the worst possible time. Tasked with creating a cover for heavy metal band Rebortion’s new album, George is at a loss, though Rebortion frontman Gary (Frederick Lawrence) could care less, and wants the artwork tomorrow or else the band is going to kick George’s a*s. Despite some snacks and bong hits, George has nothing… until Scott shows up.

Scott (Frederick Lawrence), a demon who also happens to be a huge fan of Rebortion, has arrived to inspire George. Or beat the s**t out him. Either way, George is getting slapped around, but when Scott does it, something magical happens.

Carl Bachmann’s Miracle on Metal Street is a great time. The sense of humor is a unique flavor (for a guy threatening to kick George’s a*s, Gary couldn’t be more polite), but that’s part of what makes the film so much fun. That and the sound work.

Seriously, often you don’t notice great sound editing unless it is awful, but in this case the work done with the mix is wonderful. I watch many films, often of the horror variety, and you don’t get me to jump very often. There’s a spot in this film where the sound mix hits in such a perfect way that I almost leaped out of my chair.

Overall, Miracle on Metal Street is a kick-a*s short film that I could watch multiple times. It’d be right at home as the plot to a Metalocalypse episode, or the inspiration for a Tenacious D song or skit. It’s a blast, and if you’ve ever lost touch with that which is metal, this film will aggressively reconnect you.

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