These days, there are literally dozens of bohemouth “independent film websites” out there that house scores of budding filmmakers’ shorts, clips, animations…you name it. But MinuteMovies.com doesn’t need to parade around and flash lots of shiny things in your face to get to to stop by and play. The difference is in this site’s commitment: their goal is “to provide Independent Filmmakers, Production Companies, and Film Festivals a FREE forum to display & promote their work.” Free is good.
Aside from a fresh roster of shorts from festivals and independent creators alike, which has recently included Skot Leach’s “Perpetual Motion” and “Interviews from the Underground” by Phillip Alloy, MinuteMovies also provides visitors with a Film Resources area for tips and helpful film links, as well as the opportunity to sign up for their mailing list for contests, tech stuff, and festival news.
To take a look at the newest menu of short films, and for all other details, see the [ the MinuteMovies website. ]

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