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Debbie and the Devil

By Michael Talbot-Haynes | October 30, 2023

NOW ON TUBI! Find out what happens when you step into an infernal picture show in writer/director/animator Naz Red’s splatterpunk comedy anthology movie Debbie and the Devil. In a delightful animated framing story, two children run for cover from a school shooting and head into Mr. Red’s fun-filled film house. There, Mr. Red (Naz Red) shows them a trilogy of short films.

The first story, Gore Garage 6, centers on h***y teenage boys borrowing money from their drug dealer, Whitebread (Eric Reingrover). They borrow said cash to hire a prostitute (Felicity Feline) to bust their cherries. Instead, Debbie (Audrey Rode) shows up to stab them in the dick, as she is an agent for the Devil. D.E.B.B.I.E. stands for Demon Enforcing Beelzebub’s Blasphemy Insensitivity and Evil.

“…two children run for cover from a school shooting and head into Mr. Red’s fun-filled film house.”

The second story of Debbie and the DevilTears of a Bloody Rose, is a tribute to Italian giallos. Rose (Stevie Vallejo) is an editor and an alternative porn director at night with artistic aspirations. She runs into Debbie at the library and is really taken by her look. The Devil texts Debbie to go home with Rose, and Debbie always does what the Devil tells her to do. Then there’s an animated portion called The Sad Story of Satan.

The final story, #Debbiefleshandbone, centers around Patricia (Malina Galabova). She is seeing a therapist because she is depressed over her boyfriend/weed dealer Jean (Ryan Keem) getting stabbed to death in the dick. Patricia tries her hand at being an online personality, one that hates everything and is perpetually down. She draws the attention of Debbie, who takes Patricia to see what Mr. Red has in store.

Debbie and the Devil is some weird and wild s**t. What sets it apart is Red’s excellent use of his peculiar animation, which is the L.S.D. in the cupcake frosting here. I usually find framing stories tedious, but the cartoon coating on this one made it go down quickly and easily. Then there is the unusual, unannounced animated origin of Mr. Red. This is an abrupt change of tone into something more abstract and emotional, not what you would expect from a Satanic Babe movie.

Debbie And The Devil (2021)

Directed and Written: Naz Red

Starring: Audrey Rode, Malina Galabova, Stevie Vallejo, Naz Red, Ryan Keem, Eric Reingrover, Felicity Feline, etc.

Movie score: 7.5/10

Debbie And The Devil Image

"…brings a sense of underground comic book anarchy..."

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