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By Eric Campos | March 6, 2004

Usually the best shorts I see aren’t trying to be some sort of extravagant production. In this case, the set-up is simple and it’s the stellar performances that carry this entire film that takes place in the back of an electronics repair shop. No flash, no bullshit, just two actors having it out with each other, passing this twenty-eight minutes like it was five.

Like Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton, but not funny, Mimmo & Paulie, two tough talking buddies have at each other verbally for a bit before Paulie finds out that his friend has been trying to kill himself. It all goes downhill from there as Paulie finds out more about Mimmo in this half hour exchange of theirs than he has throughout their lengthy friendship. And the revelations aren’t exactly easy to swallow.

Excellent short with well-timed story twists. For those that enjoy being able to sit back and watch a couple of actors enjoy working their craft, this one is for you.

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