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By Brad Slager | April 20, 2004

Every time somebody approaches me with the question–”Hey Brad, which movie would you consider to be most representative to the theme of your Milk Carton Cinema column?—I answer them the same way:

“How do you know me and how the hell did you find out where I live?!

Eventually, though, I simmer down. If I had to nail it down to one title that typifies what I am striving to investigate it would be “Krippendorf’s Tribe”. This is exactly the kind of movie that I target; a grand studio effort with front line talent and a significant amount of cash tossed into a promotional campaign. It also appears that there is absolutely no reason in the world for this film to have been made.

This film had the expected marketing push of a doomed production, from prime time carpet-bombing commercials to a fully interactive lobby card display where people were expected to play mix-n-match with the body parts of characters. A sign that your movie is a scud is when the marketing department shows more creativity than the writer or director.

The story continues in part two of MILK CARTON CINEMA: “KRIPPENDORF’S TRIBE”>>>

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