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By Phil Hall | April 23, 2005

This DVD features a 1959 episode of the CBS-TV show “The Robert Herridge Theater” which was devoted entirely to the music of jazz trumpet legend Miles Davis. During the course of the 25-minute production, Davis performs four numbers: “So What,” “The Duke,” “Blues for Pablo” and “New Rhumba.”

The performance itself is unusual for its historic significance, since Davis’ style of jazz (let alone Davis himself) was rarely seen and heard on American television during the 1950s. As a TV production, this studio-bound offering is a rather sedate affair. Anyone coming to this expecting MTV-style freneticism will be in for a disappointment here.

But Davis fans will be in for a genuine treat. Although he only has four numbers, each is a jazz classic unto itself. And having a filmed record of Davis during a youthful peak of his long career is reason alone to seek this out.

Is this great television? Hell, no. Is it great music! Hell, yes!

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  1. ron says:

    For 1959, this was great television.

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