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By Eric Campos | July 9, 2002

Turkey film strikes again! Turkish American filmmaker Onur Tukel has given us a short and sweet version of what he would do if sitting in the director’s chair of a Halloween movie and you know what – it’s probably a lot better than “Halloween: Resurrection” is going to be. Busta Rhymes AND Tyra Banks? Puhllleeeze!

The first half of “Michael Myers Meets His Match” carries on just like any of the other Halloween films. Shot in gorgeous black and white Super 8, it even looks better than some of them. Of course, they cheat a little bit by using John Carpenter’s classic “Halloween” music, but hey, I stuff a sock down my pants whenever I go out outside so I’m not about to call anyone out for cheating. In “Michael Myers Meets His Match”, Michael Myers, in Shatner mask and black jumpsuit, stalks a female jogger, killing a person or two along the way, but once he corners his prey he…hands her a bouquet of flowers.

The rest of the film is hilarious as we watch these lovebirds frolic in the park, eating sammiches, playing on the slide and even wrassling with the neighborhood kids. But the film ends as the woman finds out that Michael is gonna have a problem giving up his murderous ways.

This is funny stuff here and well made too. If given the right exposure, this could be another classic along the lines of “Bambi Meets Godzilla”.

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